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13 Living Room Remodel Ideas That Make a Difference

Imagine this: you enter your living room, and you instantly feel a sense of tranquility. The furnishings are positioned to make the most of the available space, the colors are flawlessly coordinated, and the ambiance is breathtaking.

That sounds like a dream, right? Well, let's make that dream a reality right now!

Keeping up with the latest living room redesign ideas is imperative if you want to design a space that reflects your style and improves your daily life. Whether you're a homeowner looking to revamp your living room, a renter seeking temporary yet impactful changes, or even an interior design enthusiast hungry for fresh inspiration, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll reveal a treasure trove of remodeling ideas for living rooms that will alter your home and fascinate your visitors. So buckle up and prepare for a thrilling adventure into the world of living room makeovers.

Let's get started!

1. Expand the area by taking out a wall

In the past, living rooms were typically small and cramped to save energy. But today's home buyers expect living rooms to be larger than ever, according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders and a market research group.

You can take over a room that adjoins the front living room space if you have one that you don't mind giving up by knocking down an inner wall. By creating a new space and removing that obstruction, you'll improve the flow between various rooms.

You’ll establish a seamless link between spaces in the living room and nearby rooms like the kitchen or dining room area. The outcome? An aesthetically spectacular and practical living room space.

But before grabbing a sledgehammer and going wild it's crucial to seek professional advice to ensure the wall you wish to take down isn't load-bearing and that you have the necessary licenses. Let's put safety first, folks!

The options are unlimited if you get the go-ahead. You can choose a modern, spacious layout that lets natural light flood the entire area, or you can employ stylish dividers like half-walls, glass walls, pillars, columns, and portable furniture like bookcases and side tables.

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2. Create zones with area rugs

You have a lot of options when it comes to making modest, subtle modifications to your home's interior decor. You can create particular zones in an open floor plan by laying down a carpet or area rug in smaller spaces.

However, the requirement for two area rugs, one for the living room and one for the dining room, can present a problem when furnishing and decorating an open space. Indeed, the majority of individuals adore having rugs under their dining tables and in front of their couches.

What about three rugs? You may want a rug by the piano or in a reading corner.

However, how do you pick these rugs? Should these rugs match?

If you want to use many rugs in various parts of the room, choose ones with similar shapes. But they should have different but complementary colors or patterns to give the room a cohesive look. Consider a minimalist design if the room already has focal points, such as a statement wallpaper.

Seek out vibrant, patterned carpets to liven up a neutral space. Make sure the style of your rug matches the style of the decor of the room.

A bright geometric pattern wouldn't look right in a room with historic furnishings, and a traditional fading pattern might not go with a modern design.

3. Warm up the space by adding wood to the walls

Like wine, wood only improves with age and always maintains appeal. Despite the increasing number of new materials, most people still prefer wood for their contemporary interiors.

However, why do interior designers consistently incorporate wood into their projects? What fuels their love for it?

Adding wood to your living room walls instantly transforms it into a warm, inviting space. The rich texture, earthy tones, and unmistakable natural beauty of wood all have a welcoming quality.

Depending on your desired style, you may create a captivating focal point that oozes rustic charm or modern elegance by adding wood paneling, shiplap, or reclaimed timber to the walls of your living room.

Wood not only adds warmth visually, but it also has a special capacity for heat absorption and radiation, which will make your living room feel cozier on chilly winter nights. This design choice gives you adaptability unlike any other, whether you decide to cover a complete wall or pick carefully placed wood accents.

It may blend beautifully with various decorating styles, from classic and eclectic to modern and minimalist. Additionally, wood has acoustic advantages since it absorbs sound, which instantly makes your living room design and area feel peaceful and more serene.

4. Create a cozy atmosphere with recessed lighting

You have plenty of options when it comes to improving the lighting in your house. However, consider upgrading your home's lighting system before looking for new lamps, light fixtures, or chandeliers.

Recessed lighting is a fantastic way to illuminate your space without worrying about several lamps or mounted lights. They generate a soft, mellow glow in your home that helps create a soothing and tranquil ambiance. Their low-profile form is perfect for illuminating work areas such as a reading nook or lighting up gloomy corners in your living room.

Recessed lights save space and at the same time provide energy-efficient lighting. Additionally, you can utilize other colors and change the brightness level to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

These lights are one of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of your home. They offer intense, focused, natural lighting that adds depth and draws attention to certain regions.

Additionally, they offer greater economy than conventional lighting alternatives and can easily fit into a traditional design aesthetic. Recessed lighting is the ideal solution to help alter the look and feel of a place because you can install it in a range of types and sizes, and it fits any room's decor.

5. Mix clean lines with different materials and textures

The striking contrast created by mixing clean lines with different materials and textures makes it so appealing. Create an attention-grabbing aesthetic balance by contrasting clean, minimalist lines with natural materials' organic coziness or textured surfaces' tactile appeal.

Imagine a sleek marble coffee table paired with luxurious velvet upholstery or a modern sofa next to a stone fireplace and a rough-hewn wooden accent wall. These pairings produce a harmonic mix of contemporary sophistication and inviting comfort.

This approach to design improves the aesthetic appeal of your living room, remodels the area, and stimulates the senses. Your room will now feel larger, more dynamic, and engaging because of the interaction of various materials and textures.

Your living space will be a visual and tactile delight thanks to the variety of materials and textures, from the smoothness of glass to the softness of textiles, from the roughness of stone to the richness of leather.

6. Replace or refresh your front entry door

Do you desire a dual-purpose home improvement project? With only a few dollars and little effort, installing a new entry door or refining your existing door can make a big difference in your living room.

Refreshing the entrance door serves two purposes for the price of one. It improves your front living room's glitter as well as the exterior curb appeal of your house.

According to Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report, new entry doors have a higher return on investment (ROI) than almost all other home improvements, bringing back over 91 percent of their cost upon sale. The extraordinarily low cost of this project is responsible for some of the extremely high ROI.

7. Let in natural light with new or larger windows

Nothing stimulates the idea that more living room space and rooms are for living more than natural light coming in through your windows. If you're like most homeowners, your living room windows might be tired, drafty, and sorely lacking in light transmission.

Replace your old windows to breathe fresh life into your window spaces. Additionally, you'll save energy and money by replacing inefficient windows with weather tight ones.

8. Add an accent wall

Your living room area will gain visual appeal, depth, and additional storage space by adding an accent wall. Pick a wall you want to draw attention to, like the one where your TV is.

Here are some excellent ideas for accent walls in living rooms:


One effective way to liven up a room and add some vibrancy is by introducing a paint color on an accent wall. Choose a paint color that contrasts with the other walls in your home. The tone might be either stark contrast or pastel.


A wall with shiplap adds texture and character right away. Although you can use any color to paint shiplap, white is undoubtedly the most popular option. Depending on the size of your wall, shiplap can cost anywhere between $2.50 per square foot and $7 per square foot.


Another simple method to improve the character of the room is using wallpaper. Opt for colors that compliment your other walls or are a stunning contrast.

Built-in storage

Create a wall with built-ins for storage and exhibition. Combine cabinets and drawers for both function and decorative aspects. You can keep your living area more organized if you have another place to put loose stuff.

9. Replace high-back chairs with daybeds and benches

Bring additional seating with daybeds, settees, and window seats in smaller rooms. They have lower back profiles, which prevents breaking the visual flow and also keeps the sitting area from feeling open.

You can move it around if you choose a light, freestanding form. It can serve as a seating area during social gatherings and provide the family extra space for an afternoon sleep.

A daybed can be a great investment in living room furniture. You can use it as the main seating option in a living room, as well as to fill up a corner or serve as an extra chair in rooms with open layouts.

10. Use texture to transform a boring space

Along with the ideal design and furnishings, color selection is likely the first aspect of home decor that comes to mind. However, you are missing out on this trick if you aren't considering using texture in your living room design scheme.

Thanks to texture, your living room gains a whole new level of depth and dimension. Here are a few ideas for incorporating texture into your space:

Several textures

Having several textures in a single space can also add depth to visual interest. Don't be afraid to experiment when combining various materials, such as wood, natural stone, and tiles.

Brick walls

A rustic brick wall accent will give a lived-in appearance to your living room. Many faux-brick wall art solutions, such as wallpaper, can effectively create this effect.


You may also utilize plants to give a room more texture and add character. Soften sharp edges with green foliage, or use dried pieces like this Pampas grass for a softer color.

11. Refinish floors

Natural, long-lasting hardwood flooring enhances the beauty and value of your home. Heavy traffic or water can damage the inherent beauty of your floor over time.

Therefore, if you notice scuffs and scratches, you may need to replace your hardwood flooring. Fortunately, refinishing your floors will be enough to bring back their previous brilliance.

Professional hardwood floor refinishing will make all those nicks, dents, and rough areas disappear. You will once again have the beautiful hardwood flooring you remember.

If you plan on redecorating your living room, refinishing the floors might be a good idea to give the space a fresh look.

12. Include crown molding

What's your go-to method for giving your house character?

Crown molding can add beauty to any space. Molding is often associated with the decorative trim surrounding doors and windows, but crown molding is made exclusively for the upper interior of your room.

Crown molding has historically served the purpose of hiding flaws, warps, and material variances between walls and ceilings that certain older homes may have.

In modern properties, you can also incorporate it for purely aesthetic purposes. Whether you're working on a fixer-upper or simply seeking new windows to improve the appearance of your house, crown molding offers several advantages that will not only enhance the appearance of large windows in your home but also increase their worth.

13. Redefine neutrals

Do you consider neutral color palettes to be monotonous?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Neutral living rooms can be peaceful and restful, but they can also be exciting, lively, and brimming with energy. The secret is to mix materials, play with patterns, and utilize a range of complementary tones—just like you would with any other color palette or scheme.

If you don't adore toying with loads of patterns and vivid hues but appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful splashes of color, you can opt for pure black and white.

However, the anchor pieces of the sitting room, such as furniture pieces such as the sofa and tables, should stay neutral, adding a hint of color through the throws, artwork and floor lamps.

Takeaway: Elevate Your Living Room to New Heights!

You've just started an exciting journey with these living room renovation ideas guaranteed to improve your space. You now have access to an arsenal of living room ideas and inspiration, at your fingertips.

The best part is that they are not just theoretical ideas, you can implement these tips to turn your living room into a haven. It's time to put on your work boots and start the living room renovation project

What are you waiting for, then? Do you need help? Consider hiring experts to assist with the remodeling.

Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Westward Renovation, and our creative team of professionals will help you skip the hassle and design a stylish living area for you.



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