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BuildSavvy by Westward Renovation

Your ultimate solution to conquer the challenges of construction, design, and project management while empowering you with greater control over your project and delivering remarkable cost savings.

Limited availability and each application is reviewed and assessed individually to ensure it is the right fit.

A construction coach program that handles the heavy lifting and guides you through the process while saving you a significant amount of money.

Westward Now Offers Financing!


We've Teamed up with one of Americas largest banks to offer financing so everyone can get in on the fun! 


Project Mangement

We handle the heavy lifting and leverage our experience and network to ensure a seamless project.

Expert Guidance

We're your trusted allies with expert advice, guidance and helping you make informed decisions.

Massive Savings

We ensure you get the best value so you can say goodbye to financial surprises and hello to financial peace of mind.

What is the BuildSavvy Program?

We get it. Traditional remodels or custom home builds can be daunting, filled with complexities and uncertainties that often result in budgetary nightmares. Countless homeowners have found themselves tangled in a web of unexpected expenses, lengthy delays, and miscommunication, leaving them feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

That's why we created BuildSavvy. A meticulously designed program to tackle every obstacle head-on, ensuring a smooth and efficient process while significantly reducing your overall costs. We assume all of the difficulties of design, scheduling, construction, project management, quality assurance and guide you in taking on simple things like paying subs and ordering the fun materials like light fixtures and faucets. And of course, we will guide you through the whole process. You will have the same great service we always offer, at a fraction of the price.

This isn't your grandmas typical General Contractor process, we have customized this program to give you the greatest savings while partnering up with a company (us!) who has done hundreds of projects and knows their way around a remodel! We will assist you in any way you need, but you are ultimately in control of every aspect of your project. We are just there to come along side of you to provide our expertise and vision. 

So, don't let the fear of unknown costs and procedures hold you back — we'll guide you every step of the way and handle the hard parts of construction and project management so you can enjoy the fun parts — all while saving a significant amount of money.


You have been invited! Take the first step toward a stress-free remodeling or custom home build by applying for the exclusive Westward Renovation BuildSavvy Program today.


Louise W.

“Westward renovations did a wonderful job, finished on time, communicated well and more than I expected. They are excellent at Their craft and easy to work with. I would definitely hire them again.”


Lana D.

“they were extremely good at keeping me informed, and coordinating the work schedule with me. The only overages on the estimate were due to choices I made that I knew would result in more cost. I am very happy with the final result. I will hire them again” 


Nona Nelson

"They did a great job remodeling our kitchen. From design to construction, the team made our vision come to life. The team is very responsive, they are polite and professional. They showed up when they said they would. The craftsmanship is excellent. This was our best experience with a remodeling company. I highly recommend Westward."

How does BuildSavvy work?

Immediately after being approved for the BuildSavvy Program, the work will begin! We will start by giving you a birds-eye view of the entire process and give you the tools and resources to ensure a seamless project. You will be able to save money by paying your subs directly and ordering your own selection materials (the fun ones). Don't worry, we will still order any building materials (the boring ones). In this product, we work FOR you and ALONG with you to aid any way we can. Think of yourself more as the General Contractor, and us as the Project Manager, ensuring success under your directive. 


We'll stay in close communication throughout the whole project. You are welcome to text, email or use our Software messaging system in an unlimited fashion, and expect near-immediate responses from us. If you suspect you may require different communication methods, just let us know.


Concept + Initiation

We will have your Project Superintendent out to get a 3D scan of your home for modeling, and send all of the information over to your new designer. We will create a profile for you on our Project Management software and get your account set up so you can receive communication and instructions from us.


Design Phase

This is the fun phase where you see your design and ideas come to life. You will work with a professional designer to draft and create with you. You may know exactly what you want, or you may need to borrow vision from someone who’s been doing this professionally for years, either way, you will love the end result.


Ordering + Permitting

Here we do some of the clerical work needed to set up the job for the build phase. We will work on permit submission for you, as well as get you a detailed list of what needs to be ordered for selection materials. Building materials will be ordered later by your build team.



For the Pre-Build Phase, we need to get everyone in touch with all the subs. They will provide their final quotes so we can get them on the schedule for when build begins. We also need to make sure all selection materials have arrived and are in good condition. We should expect building plans (not permit) to be finished. Here we will finalize the schedule for you as well.


Build Phase

In the final phase, you will start construction on your project! Permits will have been issued, materials on site and schedules laid out. We will help to make sure everyone is on time and the work is done according to professional expectations. This will continue all the way until the project is completed.


Home Sweet Home

All the hard work has paid off. You now get to enjoy your fresh new space with the satisfaction of knowing that not only were you apart of the process but you also took advantaged of significant savings through the BuildSavvy program.

So kick back and enjoy! You've earned it.

Why Westward?

From an early age, the founders and team of Westward Renovation realized that design was their passion and calling. Talented designers put their heart and soul into each new project. And in the field, our skilled craftsmen treat each job site and project as their own. Since 2014, our staff has been honing our crafts of design/build. Individually and corporately we have done work for, and received dozens of awards and recognition for our designs and attention to detail as well as our build quality in publications and businesses such as:

We believe in certain things that make our company set apart from the rest.
We call them our 4 pillars: 


Certified Subs

Price Guarantee

Integrity Building

Thank you for considering our company, we are excited to work with you in any capacity. If you are interested in the BuildSavvy Program, please make sure to apply. We will be sure to confirm receipt of application and process it within 2-3 business days.

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