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BuildSavvy Application

Thank you for your interest in the Westward Renovation BuildSavvy Program.


The BuildSavvy Program is designed to utilize our network and expertise as a General Contractor to help you finish your project with the industry knowledge and tools that typically only come with expensive, full service project contracts. With BuildSavvy, you will be able to take advantage of huge savings by doing some of the light lifting that your contractor would typically do while up-charging you. We will guide you through the whole process, like filling out e-permit applications, paying subcontractors directly. These things are the low-hanging fruit of easy tasks that most homeowners are happy to commandeer in order to save up to 30% or more on their project. We're happy to now bring this option to homeowners.


BuildSavvy is an exclusive program with limited availability and each application is reviewed and assessed individually to ensure it is the right fit. After applying, you'll be notified within 2-3 business days of the status of your application and if you're approved, further information will be sent over to you about the program and how the process works. 

Living Room

BuildSavvy Application Form

Please select the space(s) that you're interested in renovating:
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