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Westward Rennovation

Basement Remodels

A space with so much potential yet often underutilized. We completely reimagine the possibilities of your unused or outdated basement and create additional usable square footage. Not only will this add value to your home but will dramatically increase it's function.


Multi-use Space

Additional living space, bedrooms, a man cave, playroom, you name it and we'll make it happen. The basement is one of the largest underutilized spaces in a home. With a little imagination we can turn your basement into functional square footage.

ADUs and more

In many cases a basement can serve as an alternative dwelling unit, auxiliary kitchen or simply more bedrooms and bathrooms. We help you understand your local jurisdictions codes and refine what can and cannot be done. Then we design it to your liking and create an incredible space that adds value to your life and home.

Basement WW (1).jpeg

Explore the Opportunities

Let's explore the opportunities together.

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